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When you order a hot tub spa from Unitde Spas Mfg., you design it and decide what options you want.  See below for the available choices to personalize your hot tub.


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Shell Colors

United spas offers a variety of top of the line shell colors to fit the look you are seeking. We make it your way. When you order from United Spas mfg, we want you to know that what ever look you are going for, we will custom build your spa to fit.

Color Options - White / Cream
Select the hot tup stereo option you want.


United spas offers top of the line marine proof stereos. United Spas stereos have the capability to connect with smart phones, mp3 players, run Pandora, or listen to XM radio (paid subscription required). We use a very unique form of technology called transducer speakers. Transducers transfers sound through water using vibration. This state of the art transducer speaker adds high-quality sound to your spa, enabling a wide array of spa enthusiasts to enjoy the gift of music while relaxing.


L.E.D. Lighting

United Spas mfg. has the options to add a feature called multi-colored LED lighting. This can be added to any spa built by United Spas mfg. The LED lighting system allows you to enjoy a rainbow of color while entertaining friends or family. With our LED lighting you can easily select the single color that you want or choose the setting to have them change automatically. Watching the lights change colors while getting hot water therapy can really place paradise directly in YOUR backyard.


LED Lighting spa options
Ozone options for hot tub spas

Ozone System

The Ozone Option

What is Ozone?
Ozone is “active oxygen,” nature’s special element (each ozone molecule consists of three oxygen atoms).
Ozone is a natural purifier.
Ozone has a clean, fresh scent noticed after a rainstorm.
It occurs naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere.
Life safely exists because of the protection of the ozone layer.
There is a small amount of ozone in the air we breathe.
This is NOT New Technology!
Ozone was discovered by Schönbien in the 1840’s when he discovered a unique odor during electrolysis and electrical sparking experiments.
He recognized the odor as the same odor observed after a lightning flash.
Ozone has been used since the early 1900’s to purify drinking water and municipal waste water.
I has been used for 65+ years to purify pool and spa water worldwide.
Bottled water has been purified with ozone since 1982.
Ozone is Safe for the Environment and Pool / Spa Equipment.
Ozone cannot explode.
Ozone is not a fire hazard in the doses required for excellent water purification.
Ozone, when used properly, does not produce harmful fumes.
Ozone will not damage or discolor pool and spa surfaces.



United spas stainless steel jets are built to give an amazing appearance and to give the consumer the soothing therapy they deserve. Our jets are known for being very durable. We offer a variety of jets that all either spin, pulsate, or adjust to massage your back. United Spas strives to provide the best jets on the market to remove any stress you may have.


Jet options for hot tub spas.
Cover options for hot tub spas.


United Spas mfg. offers a Super Heat Saver spa cover. This cover has a very high density insulation, and is double heat wrapped for maximum efficiency. With 90% of heat escaping from the top of your spa, we realize how important a spa cover is. Our covers are made for an accurate fit to get the perfect seal on your spa. Our spa covers taper from 4” to 2.5” so that rain water will run off instead up sitting on top. In addition they have steel reinforcement going down the center of the inside of the cover to prevent sagging.



Cover Lifter

United Spas Mfg. carries top of the line cover lifters. These lifters are also known as cover assist. The purpose of a cover lifter is to make it easier for homeowners to move their spa cover on and off their hot tub. No more flipping the spa cover half open because its too heavy, or too much of a hassle! The cover lifter is designed to eliminate homeowners from throwing the cover on the ground or leaning it against the dirty fence.

We carry two different styles of cover lifters: a standard and a hydraulic. The standard cover lifter will hang to the side of the spa without ruining a view. A hydraulic cover lifter will do the opposite, creating a privacy wall for customers that want an added barrier between the neighbors.

Cover lifter for hot tub spas
Siding color options for hot tub spas

Siding Colors

Here at United Spas mfg. we build our product with every intent to make the spa as maintenance free as possible for our customers. United Spas has a dura-wood panel that is sure to please you for YEARS to come. This is a resin injected product that does not require and sealing or staining. Most of our customers get about 30 years out of their siding before extra attention is required. A lot of spa manufactures are currently building their spas with an inexpensive plastic siding that easily bows in the sun, and fades very quickly. There are three color options for our sidings. RUST, MOCHA, GREY.

Wifi System

Control your spa from wherever you’re at in the world with your smart phone or tablet! Out of town? Own a rental? Do you want to adjust the temperature before you get home from that long day at work?

Then the United Spas WI-FI system is for you. You are able to adjust the temperature, turn on the jets, or filter your spa with just the click of a button.

Wifi System to allow you to remotely control your spa settings.
Spa steps for hot tub entry

Spa Steps

Our spa steps are built to last. These steps hold approximately 375 lbs, and look great in almost any backyard. Make getting in and out of your spa as comfortable as when you are relaxing in it.

Swim Spa Roll Cover

Proudly manufactured in the USA. The Roll Cover is custom made up to 22 feet in length. Available for all USM makes and models of swim spas. Our covers open and close with ease, time and time again.

The USM Roll Cover is designed to roll in either direction, perfect for dual temperature swim spas. Rolling back the pool side for daily swimming or the spa side for nightly relaxation.


Swim spa roll cover
Swim spa roll cover

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