The United Spa Difference


Our Process:

United Spas has been a leader in quality and excellence, in the luxury hot tub industry for over 35 years.  How have we done this? Simply put; Quality Products. Every spa we produce goes through the same process. Ensuring same level quality in every line of spa we build.

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Step One:

The design. We vacuum form the shell to our custom molds. After the vacuum forming process is completed, the shell is then backed with multiple layers of sprayed fiberglass. Once spraying is complete, then the fiberglass is professionally rolled to insure consistent thickness throughout the spa shell. United Spas MFG. is proud to have one of the most durable and thickest shells in the industry.


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Step Two:

Frame building. Structural integrity is key in a quality product. Our carpentry department builds the frame of the spa out of a mix of 2×4 supports and pressure treated 2×4’s for reduced weathering. United Spas MFG. is proud to have one of the most durable and heavy duty frames for their spa shells.


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Step Three:

Electrical wiring and testing. This is where we prepare our state of the art digital controllers to be installed into our spas. Our top of the line controller consist of the best heater currently on the market for spas (5.5 KW heater). Also our Waterways motors are prepped for installation and tested twice before they get installed into our spas.


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Step Four:

Porting and Plumbing. This consists of placing the spa upside down for proper drilling and jetting. Then testing the plumbing and jets under high pressures for an extended period of time. We take pride in making sure every jet is sealed and secure for many years of relaxation.


Fiberglass 6

Step Five:

Insulation and filling. Our foam technicians spray open cell foam into the underneath of the tub. Our technicians make sure each spa is well insulated to keep your energy cost as low as possible. United Spas MFG takes pride in knowing we have one of the most efficient spas on the market.


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Step Six:

The full run through. Here we take the entirety of the spa components from heating, electrical and plumbing, and running full water testing for a minimum of 24 hours in hot and cold water to insure everything is performing as designed.

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